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Guide to Insurance for Vacation Homes in South Carolina

By September 2, 2022Personal Insurance

There is nothing more frightening than coming home only to find it broken into and ruined. From burglary to floods to fire, the unexpected can leave you reeling from the loss of security as well as a hefty bill. But with Southern Insurance Group, your home will be safeguarded from any of the sudden and unexpected dangers homeowners often face.

Your vacation property is as important to your family as your primary home, so it should be protected just as well. Southern Insurance Group will ensure you have the right coverage specially designed for the unique risks your vacation home may face.

Vacation Home Insurance

  • The definition of a seasonal home depends on the insurance company, so be sure to reach out to your Insurance Advisor about it.
  • A second home is the place you stay for only a short time.
  • A seasonal residence is a home in which you can stay for a long time, but you only visit at certain times of the year.
  • A rural home is likely to be left alone and unattended for long periods of time, increasing the risk of theft and possible fire or flood damage.
  • A vacation home may have lower coverage limits because you may have fewer and less valuable assets in the vacation property, especially if it is neglected.

Contact us today and let Southern Insurance Group help you protect what’s important with a vacation home insurance policy.